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3 New Seller Listing Programs

We have 3 great new programs to offer our past clients and new clients here at Coldwell Banker/ Folsom Ranch Realtors. Thinking about selling? These will help you get the highest price in the shortest amount of time for your home.

Not selling? Please share with your family and friends. We are never so busy that we can’t give great service to your referrals. Always feel free to call, text or email for more information. (916) 304-2905

1) First is RealVitalize. Have you thought about selling your home but don’t have the money to spiff it up before you sell? Now Coldwell Banker can offer you up to $50,000 Interest Free to do repairs, cosmetic improvements, landscaping, staging and more to get your home ready to sell. Simply pay it back to Coldwell Banker at the close of escrow through your sale proceeds.

2) Second is RealSure. Don’t want to spiff up the house? Don’t want the hassle of selling? Want the convenience of selling your home for All Cash? Coldwell Banker will make you a Cash Offer on your home and will close it in 30 days. This option also allows you to make a no contingent offer on your next purchase. Contact me for the complete details.

3) Third is our SmartHome Staging Package. Because we are now SmartHome Certified, we have the ability to offer a SmartHome Staging Kit to my clients through Coldwell Banker. Buyers want their new homes to be SMART, so give it to them by purchasing it at a reduced cost through the Coldwell Banker program. Learn more at www.coldwellbanker.com/smart-home.

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