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See below conversations that have been created on the Folsom Ranch Realtors Social Media pages. We felt it was important to share with our Website and Blog visitors.

More traffic on HWY 50?

The Concerned Citizen below is talking about buyer purchasing homes in Folsom Ranch and how those buyers might affect the traffic on HWY 50. We gave our responses to this person's comments.

Concerned Citizen:

Hope who ever buys one doesn't travel hwy 50 for work. Building all of those homes out there without adding lanes to hwy 50 is insane Folsom Ranch Realtors DRE# 01461050

Not to worry there will be completing a new 4 Lane Express Way connecting Folsom to HWY 99 in Elk Grove. This will take lots of traffic off of HWY 50. Thanks for your comments. Concerened Citizen:

What are the odds those folks will travel 50 miles to Elk grove? Very low. These builders need to pull their head out. Hwy 50 is going to have to be widened by at least 2 lanes. Sad... Folsom Ranch Realtors DRE# 01461050

They are likely not traveling to Elk Grove. They will take the Express Way to reach the connector roads to reach Sacramento like Sunrise, Bradshaw, Jackson Highway, Watt, Calvine, and Sheldon. This will keep them off of HWY 50. I really don't think it will be as bad as you might think. Sure it will add more traffic but for this project the city and state finally did a great job planning the infrastructure. Plus there will be a transportation corridor that runs east to west through the project for buses, train etc...

Why should a Buyer use Folsom Ranch Realtors to be represented on a New Home Build Purchase?

Concerned Citizen:

I think you should not advertise that a potential buyer must take you with them . Misleading, wrong, illegal? Folsom Ranch Realtors

A buyer not represented by a Realtor with a builder is entering into a Dual Agency relationship with the builder. This means the buyer has no representation. The buyer is at the mercy of the builder. A buyer would not have anyone to review the builder contracts, do inspections or negotiate on the buyer's behalf the price, upgrades, lender credits ect... There are so many reasons a buyer should be represented and it doesn't cost the buyer anything for the professional representation. The builder pays the buyer's Realtor commissions. Many buyers are not even aware that they can take a Realtor with them to the visit the model homes. In fact, in order for a buyer to be represented by a Broker, the buyer must take the agent with them to their first visit to the model homes. Hope this clarifies things for you. Concerned Citizen:

I totally agree but it is not a must to have you go with the buyer. Folsom Ranch Realtors

In our opinion it sure is necessary. We have seen so many unhappy buyers that have gone it on their own only to have big issues down the road. Again, it does not cost the buyer anything to have a professional Realtor represent them in the purchase of their new home. With that being said, why would a buyer not want us to watch over their transaction? Thanks for your input.

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