Why Use a Realtor to Purchase a New Construction Home?

7 Reasons

1. It costs you the buyer nothing to have professional representation when purchasing a new build home.


2. Your agent will guide you as to which are the best builders in the area. We can also direct you to the builder that builds the type of floors plans that best suite your life style. 

Your Realtor can give you advice on the reputation of the various builders in town. The best agent will also be able to tell you which builders are more likely to give discounts or various upgrade credits.


With new construction houses just about anything in the process can go wrong. Weather, labor shortages and material issues can be challenges that can delay the builder in delivering your home on time. Many of the builders in the Folsom area are reputable and are consistently able to deliver the house on time but some are not. You as the buyer don't know about these types of issues but we doe. The biggest issue a buyer generally complains about is usually the time it takes to complete the home and the carious delays that can show up in the process and this can cause you a lot of stress. We are able to help facilitate the process and reduce your stress when working with your builder.


3. We will be able to give you advice as to, the best location, the lot, the various communities within the master community, and which are the best upgrades to purchase so you get your money or return on your investment.  Most buyers usually go with their gut feeling and generally this is not a good investment strategy.


4. We will guide you when it comes to the lot selection, location, neighborhood, amenities, and your lifestyle. Ultimately you make all of the decisions but having a professional on your side will make all of the difference in your transaction with the builder.

"In new construction, the lot you choose can have significant consequences. Quite often buyers will be choosing a lot from a classy looking neighborhood plan. It will look all green and pretty. The fact of the matter is you really don’t know what you’re getting from looking at a builders marketing plan.

An agent who knows new construction inside and out will ask to see the lots specific site plan. From this, you will be able to gather the topography of the lot. Maybe you don’t want a steeply sloping lot? How about finding out there is a large drainage ditch in your backyard? Maybe you will discover there is a large utility box smack dab in your front yard! Are you getting the point here?


Many buyers do not think of these things until they have committed to a contract and it’s too late. Someone who is in your corner can also check out other things that may impact the long-term value or your property.

This is another great reason why it is paramount to have skilled buyer’s agent in your corner."- Bill Gassett


5. We will guide you through the entire new home purchase. We will help you with reviewing your contract, negotiation on credits and upgrades, inspections and so much more. We will help advise you on various changes, amenities and modifications you might want to make to your plan based on your lifestyle etc.. You can easily spend thousands of additional dollars on upgrades, so we will help you keep those costs under control. After reviewing your needs in the new home we will first direct you to a builder that provides some of the upgrades as standard features, so you don't have to pay additionally for the upgrade option.

Making the appropriate changes or modifications can also help us in the future get top dollar for your home when you are ready to sell.

6. Most importantly, we will make sure that you are fully informed on all documents that you sign with your builder. If you have questions, we get the answers and best advise you in making the best decisions. We need to make sure that you limit your risk and liability to best of our ability in the transaction, that's why we review everything. We also make recommendations as you go through the process. One big recommendation is to have a Home Inspection prior to closing escrow on your home. Some builders are better that others but we are all human and the people building your home are human as well. This means they make mistakes. Having a professional inspector check the work of a builder is always recommended, and you might be amazed at the things they find. One of the most common thing the inspector finds in the inspection is broken roof tiles.

7. We will negotiate on your behalf. When buying new construction it is imperative that you have a buyer’s agent. Someone who is in your corner representing your best interests. You do not want to go directly to the builder and start giving money and signing contracts until you have a professional on your side. If you are not represented by a buyer agent you are entering into a Dual Agency relationship with your builder. 


A Dual agent is supposed to be a neutral party in the sale. They are not allowed to guide you as a buyer’s agent would by law! With dual agency, you have nobody in your corner to negotiate on your behalf. Dual agency is, in fact, the dumbest thing that was ever created in the real estate industry. And what happens is the builder ends up representing themselves and not you. They look at their best interests in the transaction. This is why you must have us on your side representing you. However, you must take us with you on your first visit to the new model homes. 


One important thing to remember, is that not all builders are the same. Not all builders will negotiate. You may not get a discount and that is simply because the housing market is so strong they do not need to negotiate because they have hundreds of buyers already lined up for your house. 


Remember the agent at the builders showroom or model homes represents the builder, not you. The real estate agent working for the builder is focused on the best interests of his client and employer and that is the builder. You deserve to have us on your side, someone who will be looking out for you. 


When buying any home it is always wise to have us in your corner fighting hard for your best interests. There are so many questions that can come up when buying new construction. You want a trusted advisor you can bounce your questions off of.


Asking advice to a builder representative is going probably going to get you very different answers. Hopefully, by now you understand why having a buyer’s agent when purchasing new construction is super, super important to your the success of your transaction.

Again, you must take us with you on your first visit to the model homes. 

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